The New York Open the championship of the tennis capital of the world

If you have what it takes to play in the New York Open

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$6,000 prize money
NYO Food Fest - showcasing the best if NYC's food trucks.


Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles


Mayor David Dinkins Family Day on Saturday, July 6th 2013


Breakfast at Wimbledon on the big screen on July 7th 2013, followed by the Men's and Women's finals


How /Where to Play

Whether you are looking to play indoors or outdoors, in the parks or at a club; whether you are looking for lessons, leagues, tournament, programs or just want to go out and hit some balls with your friends, Tennis in New York offer a complete guide and listing to everything tennis in New York City.

Public courts

  • Most tennis players in New York City play on the public courts under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. These public court facilities range from crowded to unused, from well-maintained to run-down, easy-to-get to hard-to-find. You can peruse the list and description, of each to learn about each public facility.
  • But first a couple of things you should know about playing on the public courts. First of all, it’s not free. To play on a public court each player needs either a season permit a Single Play Ticket, which is essentially a temporary permit for the day.
  • Reserving time on a public court - Some courts have a $15 online reservation for a few of the courts, but most are simply first-come, first-served basis. Facilities with online reservations are marked in the listings. Facilities that have on-line reservations are marked in the listings.
  • Several public courts aresupported by local community organizations. Facilities with supporting organizations are marked in the listings.

Commercial and indoor clubs

  • Private clubs, usually with indoor courts. A few private clubs are membership-based, but most will let anyone play for a fee.

  • There are also some private concessions that operated bubbled public courts during the winter months. The rate for these are capped by agreements with Parks Dept. and are generally less expensive than full-time    private clubs.


  • Individual, groups and clinics
    • All private clubs and most public courts have at least one teach pro licensed to give private lessons. A few public courts have lessons offered through an organization or business, licensed to teach--(Be wary of engaging a private instructor who is not authorized)
    • Most clubs, of course, offer private instruction. There are also some providers not affiliated with a particular location who can give you lessons.
    • Click here for a complete list of lesson providers


  • Kids
  • Adults
  • Leagues
    • Playing in season leagues is a great way to meet new players and guarantee some pre-scheduled competitive matches.
      - USTA Leagues
      - Corporate Leagues
      - Other Leagues
      - Junior Leagues
    • Corporate Leagues
  • Tournaments
    • USTA Sanctioned Tournaments
    • Park & local tournaments